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*Stories ~ Tiger & Goat*

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I have loved to solve puzzles and hear stories. 
This is one of my favorite puzzle which I have not been able to solve till I got the answer from somewhere...
A man is walking down the village road with a tiger, a goat and a bundle of grass. Soon he arrives at the river bank where there is one tiny boat that can carry him and another animal or grass at a time. Here is the problem: Left alone, the tiger will eat the goat. And similarly, the goat will eat the grass bundle. How is he going to take all three across the river safely? (Answer appears at the end.)
Looking back, I understand the reason why Dad loved this puzzle so much. There is more to it than just a puzzle. Here is the man facing a crisis, i.e., too many demands on too few resources. The world we live in, we face this everyday. Time management, prioritizing or focusing—call what you may—are but a way to solve it. Our life is a constant battle against time, money and/or some other precious little resource. The choices or the decisions we make determine not only the quality of life we live but also the course of our lives. And only wisdom can discern which one is the tiger or the crisis and which one is the mess, e.g., goat eating the bundle of grass. Life can be shattered when the tiger is not recognized and left alone with the hapless goat. And too often people fall apart when faced with a mess or relatively minor problem like goat eating the bundle of grass—recouperable loss. That poor man with tiger, goat and a bundle of grass is a metaphor for the problems we, humans, face throughout the world every day.
By asking us time and again this puzzle over Sunday lunch, Dad was teaching us an invaluable lesion—a simple but profound philosophy of life—which also happens to be very practical and timely. Recalling this puzzle fills me with pride and thankfulness.
Answer: Man takes goat with him to the other side first and comes back to get the tiger. He leaves tiger on the other side and brings goat back. Then he takes the bundle of grass to the other side. He returns again to pick up goat and after crossing the river, resumes his journey with tiger, goat and a bundle of grass

*Reduce Facial Scars*

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How To Remove And Reduce Facial Scars?

Girls who have oily and acne-prone skin, might suffer from the embarrassment caused by acne scars. Not only oily-skinned women but even combination skinned girls stand the chance of suffering from acne and acne scars. So, you must be thinking, is there a way to get rid of these scars on face without going for laser treatments?
I know you want the scars to disappear instantly. However, please do remember you need to follow certain things to get the desired effect. As you know, “Rome was not built in a day”; similarly you need to patiently follow the routine listed below for a few days to see results.
Follow these homemade remedies which will help loosening and scrubbing off the acne scars.

Loosening of Scars: facial scars remedies

To get rid of skin discolorations caused by scars, use a non-comedogenic oil to loosen the scar and soften it. Olive oil is best suited for this purpose.
Massage your face with one tablespoon of olive oil slowly. Then put a steaming towel over the face. This will open up the pores and will also soften the skin. When the towel cools down, wipe off the oil.

Scrubbing off :

scrubbing for facial scars
The discoloured and the scarred areas can be sloughed away with a naturally made scrubber. You need to use only a natural and a soft scrub to slough away the scarred skin.
Baking soda is the best scrub for this purpose. Add one spoon of baking soda in one teaspoon of water and make a paste. Rub this paste on the particular areas for 1 minute in circular motion. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Formation of New cells :

lemon juice for facial scars
Once the dead skin cells are removed, apply any substance which is high in Vitamin C content. This will help in the building new cells.
Concentrated lemon juice is the best option. Take a cotton ball and soak it in the juice. Now apply them on the face. After 5 to 10 minutes remove the cotton balls and let the skin dry. You can also use a mask made up of lemon juice daily to build new skin cells. Lemon also helps to even the skin tone.
face scar before after
Apart from these tips, there are several cosmetic procedures to remove the scars like dermabrasion and also laser resurfacing. Also there are many over-the-counter gels and creams which can help you get rid of facial scars.
Now, dermabrasion is a process of scraping the scarred skin surgically. This definitely helps in making the skin smooth. Dermaplaning is another procedure which is quite similar and can reduce acne scars. Laser skin resurfacing removes the scarred skin layer by layer.

kelo cote for faceOintments like Mederma cream contain onion extracts and claim to reduce scars. Kelo-cote Advance Formula Scar Gel, which can be found online at – it is a silicon based gel which reduces scars.

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