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~Fairy Tales~

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Well now this is different to the other theme.  I have always been a dreamer and thougth to dream this now... “I had read somewhere this words ~ For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.” ~

Once upon a time, I thought faeries lived only in books, old folktales, and the past. That was before they burst upon my life as vibrant, luminous beings, permeating my art and my everyday existence, causing glorious havoc.

I am going to show you all the beautiful things that exists in our daily lives, because many of us don't see it. Lets wonder into my dreamland.

I set on a journey into wonderland and lo behold I came aross a beauty of a white horse to take me further inland...

I honestly believe that fairy tales exist in our lives and not only in books, and they are made up of all the beautiful things in our lives. Many of use tend to take these things for granted, but they really are very
beautiful.  There is something very magical and mysterious about the costume, the way their body seems to tell a story, and the melodious tunes of their movements.

Maybe it is because we don't look hard enough, or we choose to ignore it, but I just want everyone to know they exist everywhere in your life in your thoughts.

I tiptoed into the forest and saw lovely fairies enjoying the siesta time. 

I did not want to disturb them and went on wondering into the wonderland and got to see some lovely things as in the pictures: 

Maybe you can believe
If you take the time to dream
In the places in between
Things aren’t always as they seem.

Magic exists. Who can doubt it,
when there are rainbows and wildflowers,
the music of the wind and the silence of the stars?
Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic.
It is such a simple and such an
extraordinary part of the lives we live.”


Look out for them and maybe you'll be able to enjoy and appreciate your life a little more, and maybe you'll be able to find the fairy tale that exists in your life as it does exist in MINE!!

When clear on a flute of purest gold
A sweet little fairy played.
And wonderful fairy tales he told
and marvelous music made.

~Oud or Bakhoor~

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 I am rebloging from a very good blog on this subject. 
If u visit UAE, u will notice the predominance of scent overpowering u , whether from burners or perfume. The concept of smell is an important part of society and is used under various guises. Many people wonder what the smell actually is, and so I will try to explain.
There are essentially two types of perfume, OUD and BUKHOOR

 Oud is basically wood that has a certain smell to it and in its purest form is used as a kind of perfume for both men and women. Pure Oud will be burned to make the clothes smell nice from the smoke that it emanates. The issue that we like to make a a easy way of smelling nive and in the same time the white kandoora’s or dish dashes remained untouched by oil who will ruin our clothes.

There are other types of oud which do contain oil. But Oud to the common eye looks like small pieces of wood, and originally comes from India.
Bukhoor is a mixture of scents all together and usually looks like round pieces of coal about the size of ur thumb. This sort of scent is used to burn in the home and perhaps u have smelt it burning in the malls. It’s a kind for refreshment of our rooms, our houses.

To burn either of these, u would need an oud or bukhoor burner, commonly termed as a medhan, coal, and some sort of tongs to handle the coals. U will also need a fire burner or lighter of some sort. Oud burners can also be powered these days by electricity, but the purist will tell u that this doesn't give the smell the justice it derserves.

 Oud, itself is relatively expensive and could cost anything from AED1,000 to AED40,000 a pot
- For the same amount of bukhoor, u would pay between AED100 and AED500
- The Medhhan costs anything from AED50 to AED500, but u can get very expnsives ones which are made of pure gold or silver! Expect to pay about AED50 more if you want it powered by electicity. 
- The coal is very cheap, and u may choose to buy these back home. The "magic coals" which are superior quality, last for longer and will not die cost about AED50 for a small box, and should last u a long time.
U can purchase ur bukhoor from many different shops in the souks, depending on what u like. Well known stores that sell in the malls are Ajman, Al Rassassi or Arabian Oud.These will usually provide u with the best quality available. Be sure to smell a wide variety of the scents to decide on what u like. 
In addition, u could purchase something called Al Misk, which is similar to a body lotion. It looks like a cream, and u can add water to it and spray it on your body. 
For those of u who prefer the traditional scents, Dubai can provide some cut price after shaves and perfumes. If u don't mind the tester bottles, a substantial saving can be made on the retail price. Be wary though of purchasing from the markets, though, as u may be purchasing more toilet water than eau de toilette.

And bcoz we r in this subject i wanna give u some tip about linking out a fake DEHN AL3OUD. I saw it at Tv and it's good to know.
- Get a glass of water , put a drop of real dehn al 3oud and mix it .
If the 3oud will dissolve in the water just the same way as sugar do in the water , it means is it original. But the copy one no matter how much u stir on it the drop, it will remain with water ;)

U  can't ignore the common scents that exist when visiting the UAE, whether u get a waft when someone walks past or u smell it as u walk past some of the stores. Taking some Arabic perfume back home with u means bringing some culture about ur time in the desert. 

Bakhoor or oud could be a good present or a memory of your time in Arabic countries, and many people ask what they need to buy or how much they cost. As a general estimate, this is what u need to know when purchasing:

Always Dream

I want to curl up here and enjoy my leisure time with a book and cup of hot chocolate /coffee late and relax whilst the Sunshine warms me and the breeze plays through my hair.

My Dreams:)