Thursday, August 30, 2012

~Chips Mayai (Chips & Eggs)~

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Every country has its street food. In Tanzania (Africa), you can sit by the side of the road and eat a hot dish with plenty of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

Tanzanian's favorite meal-on-the-go! Known as chipsi mayai (French fries Omelette - chips with eggs) or Zege, is basically an egg and potato chips omelet. Very simple to make and the love of all Kidz to Adults and easy to make.

The chips are deep fried, just as you make French fries. After they are cooked, drain and remove. 
Take 2 eggs and add salt, pepper, dices chilies (Optional), diced onions and beat till fluffy.

Now take a small frying pan (to get small round Chips Mayai) drizzle little oil on pan and heat on stove. Lay all the chips on the frying pan.  Pour the beaten eggs mixture on the chips and let it cook till light brown, when done at the bottom flip on other side to cook and you are done!!

Add after flipping some cheese and diced tomatoes and let it cook covered on slow flame to melt the cheese little. 
Add sliced mushrooms to the eggs mixture as well (optional).
Add BBQ meat pieces on top as well.
Serve with sauces and Kachumbar (salads).

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~Arabian Oud~

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Perfume Review: Arabian Oud King Fahed

Oud-lovers, close your eyes or close this page. If you
read further, your emotional and financial health will
be in serious jeopardy. It is too late for me, a lovely
enabler opened for me the (very expensive)
world of Arabian Oud ...but save yourselves!

Now, those reckless enough to keep reading, Arabian
Oud, according to their own site, is "the largest
Arabian fragrance. So now you will feel better about
paying £1050 for 12ml of King Fahed, the scent that
makes you go into fantasy world.

I am not even going to talk about whether it is worth
that kind of money. It is so much out of my range that
it is not even funny. But it is gorgeous as I just had a
snif of it in Dubai and my senses ran wild. It is supposed
to be a masculine blend, and I would love to smell
it on somebody male, dark and handsome
(as in pix-coy) is my hubby reading this:).
Having said that, it is entirely wearable and
utterly delightful on female skin as well.
It starts with a strong oud note, spicy, sharp and medicinal.
Oud's loyal companion, rose, starts to blossom
almost immediately, adding sweetness and softness to the
former, and making the masculine note if not exactly feminine
then certainly androgynous.
The stunning duo becomes an even more compelling trio as
musk appears on the scene.
The Muscs Koublai Khan sort of musk, dirty-minded and
heavy-lidded. It makes the blend smell touchingly and
alluringly human. It is the scent of hot skin, of passionate touch, of... OK, where was I? What appeals to my dramatic Indian soul
in Arabian Ouds is that everything is taken to the extreme.
You thought that oud plus rose plus musk was lush and
sensual enough. Well, how about some patchouli for
good measure?
And that patchouli mixed with musk is making love
in the mud (with someone dark and handsome, of course).
Enough said as I am going off my into my day dreams.
It is, however, possible to order the perfume online,
for £490-£1050, depending on the size and the fanciness of the bottle. I left the shop with an intention to get my hands on it someday. Not for the fact I
loved the smell - but I like perfumes that play hard to get.
A captivating fragrance is worth a thousand words; and a perfume is capable of telling
one's unique charm in a subtle way. Perhaps this is the reason why it has remained a favourite
of people century after century. In retrospect, the wearing of fragrance to please others has
been a common practice since ancient times.
Perfumes & essential oils of Arabian Oud.
The one with rectangular bottle in the middle is King Fahed Blend.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


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If you love tea, come with me...


Everything you desire as an avid tea drinker you'll find here. I love tea, all types.
If you like tea, come along with me! I post tea and tea
related ideas. Through out the world people have enjoyed tea in different forms.
My favorite method is the brewed tea. Take a sip and enjoy!
My love for fancy Tea pots is enormous as love ogling at all the designs created.

The whistle of the kettle, the steam rising from the cup. The tinkling sound of the spoon against the side of the cup and then the first sip! A cuppa is the perfect way to start a day!

My throat hurts. Chai tea makes it better.
I can’t stop coughing. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m feeling sad. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m feeling lonely. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m feeling happy. Chai tea makes it better.
I miss my friends. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m cold. Chai tea makes it better.
I’m hot. A cold shower and then chai tea makes it better.
The list goes on…
Indian Chai:  For Indians anytime is Chai time.  The tea Varies in lots of different ways.  Strongly brewed, Masala Chai (spiced tea), Black (milkless) Chai, Cardamon Chai and the list goes on.  In India, you dont miss any part of not getting the brewed lovely Cha.  The serving cups are in different varieties from normal to very tiny (like coffee cups), small glasses, stainless steel to earthen cups. 

I know some of you have a special love for peppermint tea - and other things associated with Morocco (like the beautiful tea-cans and glasses) :-) They enjoy pouring tea from way high (don't try this at home).  So lets take a look at how we benefit from drinking this aromatic drink:
Mint leaves are rich in volatile oils, including menthol and menthone. Other beneficial constituents include tannin and bitter properties. This herb is also a source of B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. 

Cold Tea

This tea is excellent when it is hot hot hot season or you want to vary from the normal boring tea to this.. 
I tried it in Bangkok and am in love with it:
Make strong tea with idle milk in normal way.  When ready fill the tall clear glass with ice and pour the hot tea on ice and serve to drink with straw ~ Yummyyy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

*Beauty Products*

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This year the word on the street for the hottest cosmetic looks is going to be the ones that have soft shimmer and a look of innocence.

Soft, pale and delicate are the buzz words. The look to be achieved is feminine yet mystical. Sounds like fun to try anyway! I love testing out all the new SOFT shades as the cosmetic companies all start ramping up their new colors and products.

Strawberry Shower Gel - top ten favorite among the products!!

Whilst walking through the supermarket jam aisle for strawberry seedless jam, one of our employees wondered ‘what happens to the strawberry seeds?’ Further investigation revealed that they were just thrown away.
We found that these seeds can be squeezed to extract the fabulously fruity oil that smells divine and is so good for the skin. We now take the unwanted seeds away from producers of strawberry jam and use them in our Strawberry range. This is another great example of recycling from The Body Shop!! Isn't it great?


Bright colors, dark shades, and anything metallic or iridescent are too heavy for thinning lips. Instead, choose a neutral rose shade. And consider switching from a lipstick to a sheer gloss—it will give you more fullness.

Some of the cosmetic products which are the hot favourites of mine.

Nail Polish

Store your nail polish in the cool place to maintain its smooth consistency.  Although all nail colors are fun to use, try complementary colors for your skin for the days you don’t know what to use.  Nowdays the vibrant colors with lots of designs of adornments on nails are in with the younger generations.
What nail color compliments your skin tone?
Pale/Ivory Skin: pinks and berriesBronze/Olive Skin: orange and red shades, peach, brown with yellow undertoneMedium Skin: very versatile in color choices, but burgundy are most complementaryDark Skin: Deep corals, purples and strong reds.

Friday, August 17, 2012


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Softly cascades garlands of roses and jasmines,
Budding with pleasure,
With every petal marked with love and cheers,
Blossoming into a profusion of fragrance sweetness.

Every Masjeed resonating with the chanting of Takbiras,
As the month of Ramadhan sadly leaves us,
Filling our hearts with Pearls of Sacredness,
Of treasures untold,
Of moments in Sujud with our Creator,
Of hands uplifted in Duas,
Of reading the Holly Qur’aan,
Of completion of 30 days Rozas (fasting),
Of paying off Zakaat,
Of fulfilling the Pillars of Islam,
Of Soul which is Rich,
After weeping tears of forgiveness and attaining showers of Blessings.

Awake with enthusiasm to wake up early before sunrise,
Adorn Kids & Adults in best of colorful attires,
And rushing to the Masjeed for the prayers,
An Aroma of burning incense spiraling by,
A spread of joy springing in our hearts,
As we clasp the hands of our brethrens,
As we fill each other's hearts with beautiful wishes of EID,
An embracing of crowning joy after fulfilling Allah's dues.

Beseech to Allah we do,
To accept our IBADAAT & MAGFIRAT,
Grateful for His light and guidance in every step,

Wishing All around the Globe "HAPPY & BLESSED EID"
Written by: Sakina Shabbir Dossaji (kiwi) and Edited by me.

Celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr

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Today the last day of Ramadhan, millions of Muslims around the world embarked on the month-long cycle of fasting, prayer and reflection that is Ramadan – the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. Despite the day’s length and the sun’s summer or winter strength, no morsel of food or drop of liquid will pass their lips from dawn until nightfall, when they may finally break their fast.

When the month ends, there’s a celebration called as the “Feast of Ramadan” also known as the “Eid ul Fitr”. This three day long feasting and meeting your loved ones. People visit each other with respect and mostly home made sweets like Sev Ladoos, Stuffed dates, baklavas etc. are offered besides candies and drinks. As a sweet loving person, it’s the sweetest time of the year for me! 

Ramadan culminates with Eid al-Fitr, tomorrow. The evening before Eid, which is known as Chaand Raat (night of the moon) is a celebration filled with joy and excitement. It signifies the end of a period of self-discipline and the beginning of great festivities – and of course, the copious amounts of delicious food that comes with them. The evening is filled with last-minute visits to tailors, adding the finishing touches to the brand-new outfits customarily worn at Eid; a trip to the barber’s may also be in order. The atmosphere buzzes with the chatter of cousins and friends decorating one another’s hands with intricate henna patterns; the air is scented with seductive aromas emanating from the kitchen, as the Eid feast is prepared.

At last, the morning of Eid al-Fitr dawns. Families wake, prepare, visit the mosque to perform the communal morning prayers. Dressed in their new clothes, they spend the day visiting relatives to pay their respects and receive their blessings. Feasting continues throughout the day, as every household invariably serves their guests a dizzying array of festive dishes, from seviyan and Sheer Khurma, a signature Eid dish in Muslim households.

But although the feasts are fondly recalled after the event, at its heart, Eid is truly a time for families to forgive past grievances, create treasured memories, and come together to rejoice in each other’s company.  Wishing you All with your families Eid Mubarak from me and my family.

I am going to miss my beloved friend Ramadan and its festive atmosphere of being blessed all times.  I know inshallah am going to spend my Eid with my family and friends.

Some Pix for yummy treats and decor to enjoy:)

Always Dream

I want to curl up here and enjoy my leisure time with a book and cup of hot chocolate /coffee late and relax whilst the Sunshine warms me and the breeze plays through my hair.

My Dreams:)